Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to Blogging !!

I am back to blogging !!! Its been a long time since my last post .It was in Jan where i completed my 7th Sem.Then started the busy days Campus placements,off-campus to blr,Search for 8th sem project.Finally i completed my 8th sem exams and project in CFTRI.In June end i got placed to Ness Technologies and left my hometown after 20 years to IT-hub Bangalore.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thriller at Mysore!!

After a long gap of 4 months i am back to blogging !!
It was a bright sunny morning!!!! The Ranji Trophy Final at the Gangothri Glades was on its Final day!! ready to set a thrilling finish ... Karnataka were set a target of 336 by mumbai ...Karnataka was whacky with 148-3 and robin at the pavilion ..The match completely rested on the hands of manish pandey!!
It was 10 AM a bright sunny day!!! ..I started to watch the match at television thinking that karnataka may loose the match and why get dissapointed again(had been in a dull mood because of the event that happened previous day .

A couple of poor decisions by umpires led to 6 wickets and it was all set for a close finish !! Unable to resist the pressure...I decided to go to stadium ..The stadium was jam packed not a single space to peep into the ground ...Finally after a big hurdle we climbed a building and had got a side view of the stadium...we needed 50 runs with 4 wickets in hand...Wickets started to tumble ....Atlast we needed 15 runs with 1 wicket remaining...but a superb catch by Agarkar made Mumbai to clinch the title!! The crowd was stunned with silence all around and disappointment in the faces of mysooreans....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Trek to Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta,the highest peak in Bandipur National Park.this is where we decided to trek...We were a troup of 4 with 2 bikes.En route Himavad Gopalaswamy betta we could find plenty of Sunflower gardens with flowers blossoming in the early sunshine morning...

It took 3 complete hours with Usual photography sessions to reach the peak of the hills where the temple is situated..Atop the hill is a temple of Lord Venugopala Swamy built seven centuries ago.

One of the speciality of this place is that inner walls of the temple were idol is situated is encovered with mist all over the day..There is a veil of mist covering the whole area,and winds blowing through the trees are like a song in praise of the lord with green grass engulfed all over the place.It was one of the beauty spots i had ever seen.

The lone tree, twisted and bent withstanding the strong winds,salt air has become the symbol.This is perhaps one of the most photographed trees around.

Its better to be Equipped with a Camera along with a binoculars to capture and enjoy the herds of wild Elephants that roam around the hills...Since we had visited in day light we could not find any herds of Elephant except one or two nor much of the anticipated fog ,but We never saw the sun once we left Nanjangud for any period of time ..A visit to this place around 6 AM or
4 PM would be ultimate as one could enjoy the nature with blazing winds and mist engulfed all around the place

From the moment you step outside and take a deep breath of air- the feeling starts. One minute it's foggy and misty. The next minute, the sun peeks through the clouds. The air smells like the Sea. Salt gets on your lips. The winds start to blow, and tosses your hair. And the next thing you know, your having a good time! And sometimes you find magic!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Ride to Mallali Falls

It was bright sunny Morning we all geared up to visit mallyali Falls and trek out there and we left the city around 8:15 A.M. It was one of the best roads to drag and to say i reached a whopping top Speed of 112 K.M. we enjoyed the fresh breeze with rays of the sunlight sprinkling on us..
We had ask the passerby people on the way for Malyalli falls because of the unfamiliarity..on the way we got one of the beautifull scenaries..I had'nt seen such a Nature before.It was trees and shade all over..

Here are some of the nature pics
Have a look at the beautifull Background!!!No words to describe out

A Dream path on the way from Somarpeet to Mallali Falls

Pit Stop on the Way

Nature at its best!!

It was 3 kilo from here on to Falls .We had to deviate towards a dirt track..And we proceeded it was a hell of a ride..Finally we got a situation where we had to stop because of the step curve and a downhill road..But without a single bike on the spot,we decided to desend downwards along with the bike..
It was were sloppy and bit adventurous to descended and finally we did it.It took around 6 hours to reach out there from mysore

Now we had to trek 2 miles from here on to have a glimpse of the Much awaited falls..
we started the trek by taking some of the beatifull scenary pics and then the outrageous Journey started ..

The mission Started from here

Totally Exhausted

The Mallali Falls-Destination

It was very steep and i was afraid(for the first time) seeing the rocks from the peak and my friend(Babu) provided guidelines ..we slowly moved foot by foot finding suitable path for about 60 mins to reach the ultimate spot..
The water was flowing timidly since it was mid-summer.We were awe-struck seeing the water gushing out from the rocks...
Our desire to enjoy in water was foiled by leeches all around with a stinky smell, Disappointed by this we decided to climp up ..
It was mid of hot scroching summer and we where totally exhausted when we climbed up..We could'nt even move a foot without 'water' ..
After sleeping under the shade for 30 mins we decided to move out of the place.We left the place evening and finally reached the royal city late night

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kwatley Moments !!!!

Its 6th sem on the track.I would like to share some of the kwatley moments that we have done in our college and that we still do to avoid boring and sleepy periods.During those Freshers days(1st sem),I used to ask(test) lecturers by posting tricky Electrical and Electronics questions..most of them would remember i guess,my friends(shankara and supreeth) used to do kwatley by doing mind blowing RAJU(buttler English-lecturer) problems while Akshay used to test those Masters(lol),In the mean time i used to keep quite and sleep a bit,from then on the time has changed..We Entered the branch(cs) and then the Actual Kwatley time started...Our HOD supressed Mass-Bunking and we had to find alternate Entertainers...Visiting Gokul theater Ocassionally ..Chatting was one of the primary means to Enjoy..
It was the Mobile Sem(3rd Sem) when every one was passionate about messaging,playing games,listing to Music..I used to play the Word builder game(belive me my friend Akshay used to cheat me a lot[-:)])Last bench boys(me suppi,shankara and dingu) started playing the SET GAME....I used to beat them all the time even though they cheated me a lot [-:].The boring Mathematics periods now have vanished and We have started to enjoy a lot now a days by playing
Mobile Blue tooth Games..No one has come nearer to beat me..Internet is the only Entertainer in Labs apart from dull built in Windows and Redhat Games...
Thus we still continue to Rock in VVCE...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Zapak Forums Hero!!!!!!!

Yup its me
I have been nominated as Zapak Featured Player cauz i am Zapak Forum Hero
Its a great Joy and pleasure being a forum hero and my picture displayed in the main page of the Portal...From the past 2 years its a great entertainment playing games and contests in Zapak.com...The new Zapak forum is Simply superb which made me actively participate and Hang out here ..Do hang out there and lets Enjoy
Zapak Rocks!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

College Days!!

As usual we started our Journey towards our college around 8:15...After attending a boring 1st period in order to avoid sleep
we planned to go to back Waters(Blue Lagoon) to get a taste of Kaveri...Around 24(12 bikes) except Supreeth(Gunda) turned to come...
We also got a news that there will be a bike dirt Rally on the college premises..So we decided to have a short timely trip...
For the First time i was pillion in Unicorn with Shankara.
We reached the Spot with Usual Photo shots and there was a Tender Mango Farm on the way which made me to plunge some good ones...There was a Island Formation .. blue water and blue skies and looking at the beauty we decided to go out and dance with kaveri (water)...
We spent around an hour and we had Fierce Gun Battle(pic Enclosed)...Followed by a photography session...As it was already mid Afternoon we decide to go to bike Rally
The Scrouching Sun made us thirsty and the only way overcome was the tender Coconuts and we decide to have a sip of it and stopped at a nearby local petty shop which was on the way.

on Reaching the College a huge Crowd had gathered to watch the 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke bike race followed by a Car Event..We Witnessed One of the thunderous Stoppies and wheelies which was performed by experts and some of the Super bikes like Yamaha R1 ...The 2 stroke one was really superb and finally we had Lap Timed Car Race...It was dust all over the college even the classrooms ain't spared...

Having enjoyed the blue lagoon the next day we decided again to mass bunk and planned to visit another near by place and this time it was to "Bangaru Doddi" located beside Rangantittu bird Sanctuary..I was the driver this time and we reached the spot through village roads which was very narrow.A beautifull Experience all though...The place was ultimate to enjoy,the flowing water tempted us agaian here.. we postioned at a place on the river stream and it carried us from that place to the nearby place(half a mile) flowing along with the water..It was a Wonderfull Experience..The CameraWork was carried out by our Classmate Vikas..Coconuts was the only way to get the nourishment from scrouching sun....

These mentioned events where on 21st and 24th febraury ...The Next Morning(today) When we were about to enter the Class we got a Sweet News that the Class has been Suspended 2 weeks for Mass Bunking ..