Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Ride to Mallali Falls

It was bright sunny Morning we all geared up to visit mallyali Falls and trek out there and we left the city around 8:15 A.M. It was one of the best roads to drag and to say i reached a whopping top Speed of 112 K.M. we enjoyed the fresh breeze with rays of the sunlight sprinkling on us..
We had ask the passerby people on the way for Malyalli falls because of the unfamiliarity..on the way we got one of the beautifull scenaries..I had'nt seen such a Nature before.It was trees and shade all over..

Here are some of the nature pics
Have a look at the beautifull Background!!!No words to describe out

A Dream path on the way from Somarpeet to Mallali Falls

Pit Stop on the Way

Nature at its best!!

It was 3 kilo from here on to Falls .We had to deviate towards a dirt track..And we proceeded it was a hell of a ride..Finally we got a situation where we had to stop because of the step curve and a downhill road..But without a single bike on the spot,we decided to desend downwards along with the bike..
It was were sloppy and bit adventurous to descended and finally we did it.It took around 6 hours to reach out there from mysore

Now we had to trek 2 miles from here on to have a glimpse of the Much awaited falls..
we started the trek by taking some of the beatifull scenary pics and then the outrageous Journey started ..

The mission Started from here

Totally Exhausted

The Mallali Falls-Destination

It was very steep and i was afraid(for the first time) seeing the rocks from the peak and my friend(Babu) provided guidelines ..we slowly moved foot by foot finding suitable path for about 60 mins to reach the ultimate spot..
The water was flowing timidly since it was mid-summer.We were awe-struck seeing the water gushing out from the rocks...
Our desire to enjoy in water was foiled by leeches all around with a stinky smell, Disappointed by this we decided to climp up ..
It was mid of hot scroching summer and we where totally exhausted when we climbed up..We could'nt even move a foot without 'water' ..
After sleeping under the shade for 30 mins we decided to move out of the place.We left the place evening and finally reached the royal city late night


Anonymous said...

I must say that you have captured some really lovely nature pics.

keep it up

add the followers widget to ur blog plzz so tht i can start following u

sant said...

hey nice to see all this greenery pics its take us some where out of India ........... i m happy to see that in India still there is greenery .

Monik said...

Nice pics, very well shot :) keep smiling buddy :)

Rakesh said...

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